Berlin, Germany

Busy beer garden in summer at Cafe am Neuen See in Tiergarten park in Berlin Germany

The once-divided city is lively and exciting in August. The warm weather brings everyone outdoors, gathering in parks and al-fresco dining spots. The month begins with the International Beer Festival from August 2-4 where guests will find music, street food, and beers of the world. Museum Island’s five museums include antiquities, art, medieval treasures, sculpture, paintings, and more in a convenient location. The Brandenburg Gate, dating to 1791, has been a symbol of peace, then turmoil, and since 1989, a symbol of a reunited Germany. It’s a must-see stop for visitors to Berlin, having been renovated in 2002. The remains of the Berlin Wall that divided the city for twenty-eight years should also be on a Berlin itinerary. 2019 marks thirty years since the wall fell, and events throughout this year commemorate this significant event, with a major festival planned for November. The 100-mile Berlin Wall Run will take place on August 17-18 along the former border. Boat tours on the River Spree that winds through the city provide a different perspective on the architecture and historic buildings of Berlin. Sausages, beer, pretzels, schnitzel, and pastries are delicious German fare, but visitors shouldn’t miss the popular street food, currywurst, topped with a spiced tomato-based sauce and eaten with fries. Hotels range from boutique to luxurious, casual to posh, and visitors will find a range of restaurants as well.

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