Sullivan Catskills, New York

A view from the top of the hill of the Woodstock Concert grounds.

This area of New York State, about a two-hour drive from Manhattan, has history that dates back to the Revolutionary War. More recent history includes Woodstock, the momentous outdoor music festival that attracted more than 400,000 people to the town of Bethel 50 years ago in August 1969. The Bethel Woods Center of the Arts, a National Register Historic Site, is hosting a year-long celebration of the Woodstock anniversary with special music and entertainment. In recognition of the festival’s peace symbol, Dove Trail will feature 50 five-foot-tall doves throughout Sullivan County. The Museum at Bethel Woods will tell the story of the 1960s through exhibits and artifacts from the Woodstock festival. A lovely mountain getaway in summer, the Catskills offer a variety of outdoor activities, art, theater, lodging, campsites, and entertainment venues. The area’s history is evident in several picturesque covered bridges and in the Fort Delaware Museum of Colonial History where costumed colonials tell stories of the past. Lodging includes hotels, motels, campgrounds, bed and breakfasts, and luxurious lodges. Local farms offer their produce and meat products as well as agritourism opportunities for families who want to learn about farming or experience first-hand the source of their food.

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